New Gov meets lawmakers, lawmakers react, tweet. Roberts on Farm Bill

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KY3 shares the transcript from Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s address to the State Assembly.

And one hundred years from now, long after each of us has departed from this earth, these seats will continue to exist, held by men and women whose grandparents have not even been born.

This does not mean disregarding our beliefs or moderating our positions. It means debating with respect. It means conducting ourselves with integrity.

Here’s a link to the video.

St. Louis Post-Dispatch with a report on Parson meeting with lawmakers, including US Senator Claire McCaskill:

“I don’t think that Gov. Greitens saw this as a team effort,” McCaskill said after the meeting. “I think he saw it as that he could always go it alone and that he was wanting to fight everybody. This governor appears that he wants to work with everybody instead of fight everybody.”


Other politicians react via Twitter:

And the Governor’s reaction via Twitter:



Kansas Senator Pat Roberts contributes an opinion piece to The Hill.

We will not get a perfect bill. We will not meet the demands of those who want to slash the SNAP program. We will not make radical spending cuts within our farm programs. But, we will make progress, and that is more than our producers have seen in years.


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