Winter weather fails to stop participants in K-JO 105.5 Pound Plunge from losing weight

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St. Joseph Post

A celebration of weight loss and wellness as Mosaic Life Care concludes the 14th year of the K-J0 105.5 Pound Plunge.

Mosaic Life’s Claire Clark says those participating this year had to overcome poor weather to stick to their diet and exercise plans.

“I mean, they lost over 81-hundred pounds in eight weeks, which is amazing,” Clark says. “And, specifically, because they had all those weather issues and it was a really cold season and people wanted to be at home, rubbed up with comfort food, but they still lost all that weight.”

Winter weather forced the cancellation of four weeks of weigh-ins during the eight-week program.

Clark says she hopes the program gets area residents to focus more on wellness.

“We just want to make our community healthier and provide knowledge for people to do that and provide the resources and, if not the resources, the knowledge, the motivation to do so,” Clark says.

Clark says the key to weight loss is better eating habits and an exercise program.

“However, will power doesn’t last forever and people have to figure out a way to keep it going,” according to Clark.

Clark says that’s where the Pound Plunge comes in, providing participants with consistency and accountability.

Next year, the Pound Plunge enters its 15th year.