A couple of big wins for Sen. Luetkemeyer come in right under the wire

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St. Joseph Post

A state senator who represents the St. Joseph area had a couple of big wins at the end of the legislative session.

Sen. Tony Luetkemeyer of Parkville managed to win approval of a change in the state constitution which would impose term limits on all statewide officeholders. Senate Joint Resolution 14 approved by the legislature now goes to a vote of the people.

“Because it was a resolution that is going to amend the Missouri Constitution, it now has to go to voters,” Luetkemeyer tells St. Joseph Post. “So, some time in 2020 election cycle, voters will have an opportunity to say that they want term limits extended to all of our statewide elected officials.”

At present, only the Governor and state Treasurer are limited to two, four-year terms. If voters approve the resolution, term limits would be extended to the Lieutenant Governor, the Attorney General, the Secretary of State, and the state Auditor.

Luetkemeyer is confident voters will approve the resolution.

“If history is any indicator, voters in the past have overwhelmingly supported term limits,” Luetkemeyer says. “I think that they don’t want people going to Jefferson City to be career politicians. They want us to serve our time, whether that’s in the House, Senate, or statewide elected official and then once we get done to move on to different things. And so, I’m hopeful the voters are going to see it the same way and that we’re going to have term limits for all statewide officials.”

The General Assembly also approved Luetkemeyer’s Senate Bill 224 on the last day of the legislative session. It would streamline the rules for discovery in civil court cases. Luetkemeyer says the change would lower the cost of civil lawsuits, because discovery makes up 75% of the time and cost of a civil case.