St. Joseph Red Kettle Campaign underway

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St. Joseph Post

The sounds of the holidays often include the ringing of bells by Salvation Army volunteers.

The 2019 Red Kettle Campaign kicked off in St. Joseph on November 1st.

Major Ronald Key with the St. Joseph Salvation Army says volunteers will be out every day Monday through Saturdays.

“It’s just a sign of Christmas when the Salvation Army is out, that reminds people of need in their community,” Key says. “Maybe their next door neighbor, maybe people they go to church with or school with or maybe friends they don’t even know that need that help that come through our doors.”

Key says their overall fundraising goal this year is $350,000 with part of that coming from kettles and part from other funding sources such as mail in and online donations. 

“As people drop their pennies, dimes, nickels, dollars, whatever that may be in our kettles, it will not only go to helping us with our programs at our church but also the programs that’ll be going on (at the Booth Center),” Key says. “Many people say to me, ‘Sorry all I got is change,’ but we’re appreciative of that change… it adds up really quick.”

As of November 18th, the Salvation Army reports the Red Kettle Campaign has raised $11,000 so far.

For more information, visit the Salvation Army St. Joseph Facebook page.