Second Harvest reports monetary donations down for this time of year

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Second Harvest Community Food Bank reports that giving is down for this time of year.

Chief Development Officer with Second Harvest Michelle Fagerstone says they typically receive their largest donations during November and December, which tend to make up 65% of overall giving for the year. Fagerstone says they believe the new tax laws are part of what may be affecting the drop in giving.

“When a donor normally could donate $2,000 and they were getting to write part of that off, well now they’re not getting that deduction and so they’re rethinking their donations and they’re not coming in as high,” Fagerstone says. “We’ve actually seen larger donations cut in half.”

Fagerstone says due to the drop in funds, they are reworking what a median donation needs to be and how to reach their goals.

She adds not everyone can make a large donation, but just $5 a month through their monthly giving program called Hunger Hero can make a difference.

“If you think about it, $5 a month equates to $60 a year. Sixty dollars can buy up to 180 meals, so that’s a pretty significant impact you could make,” Fagerstone says.

Second Harvest serves 19 counties in northwest Missouri. For more information about Second Harvest and how to donate, go to