Adopt-A-Family Day

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St. Joe’s Qcountry 92.7 and Victory Chevrolet are asking for your help to make a families Christmas on Adopt-A-Family Wednesday, December 9th 6 am – 6 pm.  Hundreds of families in our Q-mmunity will not have a Christmas without you.  Please call 364-1131 or toll-free 800-365-7724 to adopt-a-family.  Find out more online Click Here!

These are examples from past years of families that need adopting!

Family #1181
A single mom with 3 children who is going to school to make a better life for her and her children.  She barely gets by on the fixed income that she has, and her car barely runs and is badly in need of repairs she just can’t afford.  She is in need of help this Christmas so that her children don’t feel like her going to school is a bad thing rather than a good thing.  Some of the suggested gifts include jeans, shirts, boots, games, and 5 wheel skates.

Family #1186
A single mom with 2 children who lost her job 2 years ago.  She has not been able to find work since then and the family was homeless until August of this year.  She is working on re-building her life, and making it better for her family.  Some of the suggested gifts include DS Lite games, Nerf Guns, Toy Story toys, and pants.

Family #1196
A grandmother trying her best to raise her grandson after his mother died in 2003.  They live on a fixed income and it’s hard to find money for the extras once all the bills are paid every month.  She does not want to disappoint him on Christmas.  Some of the suggested gifts include jeans, Xbox games, and a boxing bag.

Family #1249
A grandmother who had a stroke in July.  Since then she hasn’t had the money to pay all of her bills and they are starting to add up.  She is raising her 4 grandchildren alone, and it breaks her heart to not have enough to give them the things that they need.  She will not be able to provide anything at Christmas.  All the money is going to groceries and to get caught up on the bills that have piled up.  Some of the suggested gifts include coat, boots, hat, gloves, socks, Barbie house, and Tonka trucks.