Doniphan County, KS reports 1st COVID-19 case

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St. Joseph Post

Doniphan County, Kansas health officials report a resident in
the county has tested positive for COVID-19.

The Doniphan County Health Department reports the individual
is in isolation and is following the recommendations of health officials. Doniphan
County is attempting to identify those who came in contact with the individual.

Doniphan County officials say the woman works in the medical profession in Missouri.

This is the first confirmed case of COVID-19 in Doniphan County.

The department recommends anyone who experiences symptoms
related to a respiratory illness to stay at home and seek medical attention if
symptoms worsen.

The county earlier issued an emergency public health
order to shelter in place, beginning after midnight Wednesday.

The emergency
health order runs through the end of Monday, April 6th.

The emergency
order directs county residents to remain at home, except to conduct essential
activities, such as buying food or seeking medical attention. Only essential
businesses will be allowed to operate during the period.