“Doggie Door Dash” providing pet food for those who need it

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Dog food donated by PetSmart for pet owners who need it. Photo courtesy Friends of the St. Joseph Animal Shelter.

by Sarah Thomack

St. Joseph Post

St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue set up a program to help anyone who needs food for their pet during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kappy Hodges with the Friends of the Animal Shelter says she realized people may be facing unexpected layoffs and worried that some may feel they can’t take care of their pets.

“I contacted the shelter and said, ‘Hey, what do you guys think about doing some kind of program where we get donations from the community?’ I was thinking businesses and then they can bring food to people if they find themselves in that situation,” Hodges says. “They really liked it and… they decided to call it Doggie Door Dash.”

With the shelter-in-place order, Hodges anticipates there may be more need for dog and cat food as people find themselves stuck with regular expenses, but not their regular income.

“So if someone can donate dog food for them, that takes away the problem of caring for the pet food and they can just use their dwindling resources for people needs,” Hodges says. “Having your pet with you during times where there’s stress is better for people, we don’t want people surrendering some sweet little thing that they love that can keep their stress down too.”

Hodges says residents who want to help can donate money or buy an extra bag of pet food and bring it to the shelter or have them pick it up. Other options include ordering bags of food and having them sent to:

Saint Joseph Animal Shelter

701 Lower Lake Road

Saint Joseph, MO 64504

Contact St. Joseph Animal Control and Rescue at (816) 271-4877 for more information about getting food for your pet or donating food. Visit the Friends of the St. Joseph Animal Shelter Facebook page for more information.