Two Republican candidates running to replace Solon as state representative

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St. Joseph Post

Two Republicans are running for 9th District State Representative, hoping to replace Sheila Solon who is leaving because of term limits.

Dean VanSchoiack, a family farmer, auctioneer and real estate broker, says he decided to run as he’s always been interested in politics.

“A lot of people think you just go down, you sit in sessions, you sit in a few hearings and you vote on some bills and that sort of thing,” Van Schoiack tells host Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline. “There’s a lot more to it than that. You’re an advocate for your people. You’re an advocate for the people of your district when it comes to them dealing with the state and even sometimes the national government.”

Also on the ballot is Tina Goodrick – a farmer’s daughter, the wife of a small business owner and mother of three daughters who earned a degree in nursing and business from Missouri Western State University.

“I’m going into politics for the same reason why I was going into nursing in the first place, because I really care about people and I love helping people, that’s a passion of mine, always has been,” Goodrick tells Birr on the KFEQ Hotline. “I found out that I can help a lot of people by being a state representative so I think our state could use someone who really cares about the people.”

VanSchoiack says important issues include infrastructure, private property rights and fiscal responsibility. 

“Using the dollars that are sent to the state wisely, the best way they can be used. I think we’ve got a lot of waste in government, I think everybody thinks we do,” VanSchoiack says. “My first thing to do would be to cut government waste and try to divert some of those funds to roads and to education as well. Every child in Missouri deserves a quality education and it’s the responsibility of the state to pay a good part of that education funding.”

Goodrick says important issues include education, cutting property taxes for those 65 and older and funding infrastructure.

“I do not think that we need to raise our taxes to fix our road issues. We just need to find the waste… get rid of the waste and then we will have the money and make sure it goes to our transportation problems,” Goodrick says. “If we take good care of our businesses and keep our schools good and we find that waste, we get the money for our roads, we can bring more people into our state… and get more taxes from gas being bought here.”

Karen Planalp is running as an uncontested Democratic candidate for 9th District State Representative.