HS kids to get virtual tour of factories during this year's Manufacturing Day

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St. Joseph Post

Manufacturing Day is typically
a day each year when local manufacturers open their doors for high school
students to take a tour.
Kristi Bailey with the St. Joseph Chamber of Commerce says Manufacturing Day is
still happening this year and it will be expanded.

“This year, of course, is different. There are no field
trips for school and companies aren’t allowing people in, so this year,
Manufacturing Day has moved online,” Bailey says. “Instead of one
day, there will be five days of materials that teachers can share with
students, featuring some of our local companies.”

Bailey says the companies participating created videos for students to view
during class. She adds that while this year’s Manufacturing Day is different,
they are still working to get the message to students about all the
opportunities for well-paying careers in manufacturing in St. Joseph. For more
information click here.