COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic in Mercer County

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St. Joseph Post

Northwest Missouri health officials have scheduled a mass vaccination event in Mercer County.

The two-day event is set for Wednesday and Thursday in Princeton.

Administrator Andrew Hoffman with the Andrew County Health Department says it will be held at the Smithfield facility in Princeton.

“It’s February 24th and 25th and there should be around a thousand doses per day,” Hoffman tells St. Joseph Post.

Hoffman recommends signing up for Vaccine Navigator to stay up to date with information about mass vaccination clinics.

“They’ll be signed up for our region and anytime one of these mass vaccination events happen in this region they’ll receive notification, say for instance there’s a mass vaccination event up in Mercer County in Princeton, so they’ll get that notification and then and then that will let them know that they can either call that number again or get on that website and actually register and pick out an appointment time for that event,” says Hoffman.

Hoffman says the site might be slow for updates, but he still encourages residents to use it for the best information.

“There’s fifteen counties in our region and everybody within the region are eligible to go ahead and sign up for that event as long as they meet the tiers,” says Hoffman. “The current tiers are 65 and older or anybody with underlying conditions.”