Blunt says Democrats propose federal takeover of elections


St. Joseph Post

Missouri U.S. Sen. Roy Blunt has been in the middle of the
fight in Washington over proposed changes to the nation’s election laws.

Blunt, a Republican, opposes a proposal by Democrats to
provide greater federal oversight of state and local elections. Blunt, the
former Missouri Secretary of State, says elections need to be left in the hands
of local officials.

“I think elections are better run by people who are closer to
voters and have a higher sense of responsibility that voters need to, one, be
able to vote as easily as they can, but two, also have real confidence that whatever
happened on Election Day was what really happened and what voters intended to
have happen,” Blunt tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post.

The election measure, named after Civil Rights leader
Congressman John Lewis of Georgia, squeaked through the U.S. House 219-to-212
on a party-line vote. Senate Republicans have vowed to block the package from
coming to a vote in that chamber.

“The bills that the Democrats have produced so far are an
absolute takeover of elections,” Blunt says “Now, they’d love to also change
the redistricting system set up in the Constitution without changing the
Constitution before this very next redistricting occurs in the next six months
or so. And so, they’re desperate to get this done.”

Blunt also served as an election official on the local level,
working as Greene County Clerk prior to being elected Secretary of State.

He doesn’t see the legislation passing in Washington.

“I don’t think they can get it done, but I’ll be in the middle
of that fight.”

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