Will Missouri Western lift the mask mandate? Maybe


St. Joseph Post

Missouri Western State University will be reviewing its mask
mandate tomorrow, deciding whether an improvement in COVID-19 numbers is enough
to lift the mandate.

Missouri Western President Elizabeth Kennedy acknowledges the
trend is encouraging.

“Our mask mandate is only for indoor spaces, public spaces,
but it’s sure looking good and I’m sure hopeful we’ll be able to pull that
back,” Kennedy tells host Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline.

Kennedy says she is proud of how the St. Joseph campus has
rallied to take precautions against spreading the coronavirus.

“And I’m very, very proud of our students, our faculty, our
staff, everyone who has remained diligent, who follows our protocols, and who
helps us get to this point where we can say, ‘You know what, we’re in a good
spot,’” Kennedy says.

Kennedy says the Missouri Western COVID advisory team will
meet tomorrow to decide if the positive trend in COVID-19 numbers is positive
enough to warrant lifting the requirement that masks be worn indoors.

The Buchanan County positivity rate is below five percent, new
cases have fallen as have hospitalizations. Mosaic Life Care reported treating
only 12 COVID-19 patients in its system as of Wednesday, all in St. Joseph. Kennedy
says the advisory committee will review all the latest data to decide whether
the mask mandate stays in place.

Kennedy admits she’s ready for the masks to come off.

“Trust me, I walk around with a mask around my neck in my own
work and I’ve always got one when I’m on around campus,” Kennedy says. “But I’ve
got to tell you, I’m done with it, and I’m ready to hang it up and put it away
and hopefully this will be for the late time.”

Missouri Western celebrates Homecoming this weekend with
Griffon football hosting Northeastern State at four o’clock Saturday afternoon at
Spratt Stadium. Pregame on KFEQ begins at three.

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