No Pants Lawyer

Lawyers just love to fight, don’t they?  A family court lawyer in Pittsburgh named Jeffrey Pollock was on his way into court yesterday, and had to go through a metal detector. When he walked through, an alarm went off.  So security made him check his pockets and go back through.  But it went off again.  He told them it was probably the suspenders he was wearing, but he refused to take them off.  He got into a heated argument with the guards, and did eventually remove his suspenders.  The problem is . . . he also removed his pants.  He got fed up . . . dropped his pants . . . put them in the bin . . . and walked through the metal detector in his shirt and underwear.  He was standing in the lobby . . . still pantless . . . when sheriff’s deputies showed up.  They arrested him, and he’s now facing charges for disorderly conduct.

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