Missouri elections would change drastically under proposal set for November


St. Joseph Post

Political primaries would become a thing of the past and
ranked-choice voting would come to Missouri if voters approve a ballot
initiative in November.

A group that calls itself Better Elections has gathered more
than 300,000 signatures, which is more than enough to make the ballot.
Certification is underway.

Better Elections spokesperson Scott Charton says the proposed
constitutional amendment is aimed at improving Missouri elections.

“And it would give you more choices in elections,” Charton
tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. “It would provide for better accountability of
officeholders once they’re in office if they lose their way. And it provides
better integrity in elections through some very sensible ballot security measures.”

Under the measure, both Republicans and Democrats would be
placed on the same primary ballot. Voters could rank their choices, one through
four, with the top four vote-getters advancing to the General Election.

Charton says the concept is easier to grasp than many might

“In a ranked-choice election, the goal is that the ultimate
office-holder winner achieves 50% plus one or more of the votes,” according to
Charton. “Why is that important? Well, voters feel ignored now. This makes
candidates go out and campaign for every vote.”

The method isn’t widely used in the United States, but has
been adopted by a few municipalities.

“This is a different idea. It’s a change,” Charton acknowledges.
“Missourians, though, like the idea. When we’ve talked to them in every county
where we’ve gathered signatures, they like the idea of more choices.”

Charton says the change would take power from the political
parties and place it in the hands of the voters.

The security measures in the initiative include testing all
electronic voting machines to certify them secure prior to elections, requiring
a paper trail of individual votes, and including representatives of all
political parties when paper ballots are counted and stored.

It also would require a special election to fill vacancies,
rather than allowing for a gubernatorial appointment.

The group awaits certification for the ballot from the Secretary
of State.

Click here for the Better Elections website.

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