Patrol reports six Independence Day fatalities statewide, none in Troop H


St. Joseph Post 

The Missouri State Highway Patrol reported six traffic fatalities statewide during the Independence Day holiday period. Locally, Troop H in northwest Missouri saw zero. 

Seargent Shane Hux with Troop H says the numbers are truly unusual to see, but they are numbers the patrol strives for.  

“You know, anytime there’s a traffic crash if we just get property damage as a result of that crash, that’s the ultimate goal,” Hux tells KFEQ/St. Joseph Post. “Rather than sending people to the hospital because they’re injured or even a fatality that’s what we try to steer away from and that’s our goal here at Troop H.” 

Hux says the number of drivers increasing during the holiday happened as expected.  

“Anytime during the four major holidays throughout the year there’s always that increase in traffic and there was no exception to it this year there was still a lot of vehicles out there on the road,” Hux says. 

Troop H reports 23 arrests overall, eight for driving intoxicated and 15 for drug violations.  The patrol issued 184 tickets, 353 warnings, and assisted 33 drivers. 

Statewide the patrol reports 285 traffic crashes which resulted in those six fatalities as well as 107 injuries. 

Few boat accidents were seen statewide by the patrol while none were seen locally.  There was one drowning though.  

“Statewide there was 11 boating crashes with five injuries and zero fatalities, one person did drown over the holiday weekend that was down at the Meremac River,” Hux says. “But nothing here in Troop H, the marine operations did not investigate any boat crashes or any drowning incidents.” 

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