Current momentum signals bright future of downtown St. Joseph

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St. Joseph Post

A St. Joseph city councilmember has high hopes for the future
of the city’s downtown.

District Four Councilmember Michael Grimm says there is a lot
happening downtown, including the rehabilitation of the old Hatfield Building.

“You go on down the street and the old tire building is being
redone,” Grimm tells host Barry Birr on the KFEQ Hotline. “It’s really exciting
and the city has some properties in there that are in really bad condition and
I think eventually we will get those torn down and make it so we can have new
construction there.”

Grimm says the $3 million-plus upgrade to the Civic Arena
should spur other improvements to downtown St. Joseph. The city council moved
to provide incentives to demolish the vacant Red Lion Hotel to clear the way
for a new Courtyard by Marriott. Mosaic Life Care is using a mixture of funds,
including money provided by Congress in coronavirus economic relief funds, to
create a Children’s Discovery Center downtown.

Grimm says all of that plays a role in keeping momentum going
in downtown St. Joseph.

“I think we’re seeing the business people want to move back
into downtown,” Grimm says. “One of the things people always want is a grocery
store. And I think that would be just an absolutely huge thing if one would
come to St. Joe and build in that downtown area.”

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