Defrost The Lasagna

Parenting in 2023 is weird.  Here’s the latest example:  A single mom in Chicago needed her 11-year-old to defrost a lasagna before she got home . . . and had to track her down inside a video game to make it happen.  The mom’s name is ChaCha Watson and her daughter’s name is Miracle, or “Mira” for short.  Screenshots from it have been making the rounds online.  They like to play games together through an app called Roblox.  It’s a platform where you can play lots of different video games.  Their avatars are friends, so they can see when each other are online.  When Mira wouldn’t answer the phone, her mom got on Roblox and saw she was in a game called “Berry Avenue” that’s kind of like “The Sims”.  So she popped into the game . . . sent a direct message telling her to take the lasagna and garlic bread out of the freezer for dinner . . . and it worked.  Mira was driving a car in the game when she got the message, but pulled over to run to the fridge.  ChaCha says she posted the screenshots to show people what you have to go through to get your kid’s attention these days.

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