Mosaic Life Care Foundation creates fund to pay for gene therapy

Easton and Eli Reed/Photo from Reed Facebook page


St. Joseph Post

A $3.4 million fund has been established by the Mosaic
Life Care Foundation to support genetic treatment for rare genetic neuromuscular
diseases such as Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), a fund that could be used in a St. Joseph case involving newborn twins.

Mosaic Life Care reports it contributed $1.5 million to create the fund after receiving a $1.9 million anonymous
donation. The money is  immediately available for the timely delivery of the
gene therapy treatment Zolgensma.

Mosaic states it is also using its governmental, hospital, and
medical connections to secure additional support for the treatment of SMA with
the hope the efforts will help drive down costs.

“Finally, my deepest thanks also
goes out to our network of caregivers who have worked by my side: the nurses,
doctors, staff, government relations representatives, trustees and leaders who
have conducted themselves with integrity to support, love and care for this
issue,” Mosaic Life Care CEO Michael Moore said in a written statement. “At
Mosaic Life Care, every caregiver works with a servant’s heart, and this is one
of the finest examples of that value I have ever witnessed.”

The money could be available for
cases such as that of newborn twins Easton and Eli Reed of St. Joseph,
who have been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic disease that
impacts the nervous system.

Nearly $400,000 had been donated
through a GoFundMe page before their parents, Austin and Amanda Reed, suspended
taking donations, stating on Facebook that the family feels more confident the
boys will be able to receive the necessary treatment, which can cost more than $2 million per child. Amanda Reed works at Mosaic, but its employee health
insurance does not cover gene therapy, a rather common exclusion by insurance companies.

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