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Cold Leftovers

A new poll asked people which leftovers they’d eat straight out of the fridge.  Here are the results: 1.  Pizza, 83% would eat it cold.   2.  Fried chicken, 60% would eat it cold.   […]

Are You An Adult?

How old were you when you finally felt like an adult?  If you’re under 40 and still don’t, you’re not alone . . .  Someone polled 1,000 Millennials and Gen Zers between 18 and 42.  […]

St. Joseph Post Local News

Tatum excited to begin as NWMSU president

In coming NWMSU President Lance Tatum speaks with interim President Clarence Green/Photo by Todd Weddle, NWMSU By BRENT MARTINSt. Joseph PostNorthwest Missouri State University has chosen a long-time administrator and academic from a university in […]