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– In 2019, Dolly Parton appeared on screen with Danica McKellar and Niall Matter as the Hallmark Channel debuted Christmas At Dollywood. – Toby Keith received the Harmony Award from the Nashville Symphony during the Symphony Ball at the Schermerhorn Symphony Center. In Nashville in 2018. – Eric Paslay and his wife, Natalie, […]

Zoom Snitch

Over the past two years, Zoom has become a crucial part of our pandemic lives by hosting digital gatherings for work, family, and friends.  Zoom just launched a feature called “Attendance Status.”  It’s a tool […]

Loudest Burp

Back in 2009, a guy in the U.K. named Paul Hunn set a record for world’s loudest burp . . . 109.9 decibels.  That’s as loud as a jackhammer.  And his record stood for over […]

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